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Call now for sales or support:01283 533 377

Call now for sales or support: 01283 533 377

Refrigeration Dryers

High Flow Heat Exchanger with Larger Ports

Tundra Refrigerant Air Dryers

Already established for many years as the UK’s Market leading supplier for Refrigerant Air Dryers.

The Tundra range is Hi-line’s most energy efficient to date, with a robust and highly reliable build quality.

Minimal energy consumption is crucial in today’s competitive environment and the new Tundra  dryer from Hi-line will help drive down your energy costs by minimising pressure drop and lowering absorbed power. The Direct Expansion technology offers a constant +3°c dewpoint at all times, unlike chilled mass dryers  which can  be as high as +10°c during its thermal  cycle.

The new improved single cell heat exchanger gives the most efficient transfer of heat at the lowest energy cost. By using proven components within the Tundra refrigerant system reliability is ensured. It also features within that refrigerant system, liquid receivers, line dryers, thermostatic expansion valves and a series of safety features to protect the freon compressor and its components. The Tundra range has been designed to an engineering specification rather than a budget.

Energy Saving Variable Speed Controller

One of the key unique energy saving features of the latest Tundra dryers is the variable speed fan, which is controlled from the microprocessor, multifunctional control panel.   By controlling the fan speed on the refrigerant circuit, we have been able to eliminate components like fan pressure switches which often can be the critical components for defects in this type of dryer.

The less moving parts the more reliable we can make the product.

Reliable Design

After significant investment all Hi-line Tundra dryers are now built with Scroll refrigerant freon compressors, which offer the lowest possible power consumption and deliver a cost effective, long life performance.

With reliability at the forefront, Tundra 2018 offers multiple new design features to ensure constant dewpoint at all load levels and will deliver continuous dry air performance that satisfies ISO 7183 industry standards.

Larger dryers up to 9988 cfm are available on short lead-time, although our standard range as featured here are available ex-stock at our Burton factory for next day delivery.

Click here to download Tundra Literature


Click a row in the table for more product detail:

Modelm3/hrcfmPower supplyRefrigerantw (mm)h (mm)d (mm)Weight (kg)Connections
Tundra 223622230/1/50-60R513a305408360193/8"
Tundra 325432230/1/50-60R513a325445430251/2"
Tundra 457645230/1/50-60R513a325445430261/2"
Tundra 6410864230/1/50-60R513a325445430281/2"
Tundra 9115491230/1/50-60R513a395565486343/4"
Tundra 115195115230/1/50-60R513a395565486401"
Tundra 175297175230-1-50R407c485602595481"
Tundra 209355209230-1-50R407c485602595491 1/2"
Tundra 300510300230-1-50R407c500980718851 1/2"
Tundra 360610360230-1-50R407c500967658871 1/2"
Tundra 450750450230-1-50R407c52011958001171 1/2"
Tundra 5951000595230-1-50R407c52011958351292"
Tundra 7651300765400-3-50R407c52012298351442 1/2"
Tundra 8501500850400-3-50R407c806153910122342 1/2"
Tundra 110018681100400-3-50R407c806153910122343"
Tundra 139523701395400-3-50R407c806153910122603"
Tundra 153025991530400-3-50R407c806153910122803"

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